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Battery container allows large tower cranes to run emission-free

The road to emission-free construction has many obstacles. Fortunately, they also lead to innovations. The battery container from F&L Powerrental is a good example of this. The electrically driven tower cranes of Stravers Torenkranen BV are therefore not affected by the nitrogen impasse.

Thanks to the battery container from F&L Powerrental, the electrically driven tower cranes from Stravers Torenkranen do not suffer from the nitrogen impasse.

The road to emission-free construction has many obstacles. Fortunately, they also lead to innovations. The battery container from F&L Powerrental is a good example of this. The electrically driven tower cranes of Stravers Torenkranen BV are therefore not affected by the nitrogen impasse.

You probably know the problem firsthand: construction sites where the power supply is minimal. Before, it was still reasonable to live with that - after all, there are generators - that is now very different due to the silica impasse. We will have to accelerate the transition to zero-emission equipment. This poses a new problem, because those machines are often electrically powered. The central question is then: where do you get all that required power from? This certainly applies to the heavier and larger equipment.

To have the large flat top tower cranes of Stravers Torenkranen BV fully electrically lifted, considerable power is required. That does not work with the usual 3 x 80 Ampere mains connection at many company sites and buildings. Stravers Torenkranen BV, together with F&L Powerrental, started looking for a suitable solution and you guessed it: by using the battery container, it is possible to run large tower cranes emission-free. The battery container can be used as a "stand alone" and as a "peak shaver" and thus replace the usual diesel generator. This has made it a lot easier for the construction sector to win the battle against nitrogen.

Solution in Sight

F&L Powerrental is a family business with offices in Heinenoord and Hoogeveen. It once started as a power supplier at festivals, but has since grown into a supplier of integrated energy solutions for companies in ground, road and hydraulic engineering. One of those energy solutions is the battery container. It can be rented with different capacities and, depending on the power requirement, can be switched with solar panels, generators or mains voltage.

Ralph van Veen of F&L Powerrental is happy to explain how it works: “In addition to dozens of recycled batteries (Tesla & BMW), our battery container also has intelligent software on a powerful computer and, of course, an inverter. We can rewrite the software as needed and in this way deliver customization for the buyer / tenant. With this combination we can also supply construction sites, industry and now also machinery with electricity. ”

Tailor-made green solutions


It quickly became clear to DGA Berry Stravers of Stravers Torenkranen BV from Veghel: “We see the use of the battery containers from F&L Powerrental as a prelude to green solutions within our rental fleet, which is of course fully electrically powered.” His company is regularly looking for alternative forms of power for the more than 120 tower cranes of well-known brands such as Terex Comedil and Linden Comansa. The reason for this is simple: “Because many of our customers are not served or are poorly served by the utility companies. Until now, the appropriate solution was to install a noisy diesel generator. However, this is becoming less and less successful, because municipalities are putting a stop to it due to emission standards and noise pollution. Well, what do you do then? ”

By coincidence, Berry came into contact with F&L Powerrental. He looks back on that with pleasure: “Our common interest was soon settled and we started a first project in Tiel. It concerned the power supply of a Terex CTT231 ton-meter flat top crane with a 45 kW hoist winch. This project is running perfectly thanks to the battery container that F&L Powerrental set up for us. ” The battery container provides the required high power, using the 80 Ampere connection available at this location to recharge the batteries.

Greater Challenge

IThe next job has now started. The challenge is a lot bigger this time, as is the tower crane. While the power supply of the Terex CTT231 was a nice first test assignment, the project in Wageningen is running a considerably heavier flat top crane: a Terex CTT 561 with a 94 kW hoisting winch. This is the real challenge, because this crane requires a total connection capacity of 196 kVA, while the utility company can only supply 80 Amps at this construction site. “The solution was also quickly found here,” says Berry: “Powerrental is deploying a 100 kW unit in Wageningen, so that we have also relieved our tenant of a problem here.

Can be used in Natura 2000 Areas

Door het ontbreken van emissies en geluidsoverlast is de accucontainer probleemloos inzetbaar in natura 2000 gebieden. Daarmee is een deel van de stikstofimpasse op te lossen. Voordelen zijn verder: een aanzienlijke brandstofbesparing met reductie CO2-uitstoot en veel lagere gebruikskosten. De accucontainer is zowel geheel zelfstandig in te zetten of om bij te springen wanneer meer vermogen wordt gevraagd dan de netaansluiting kan leveren. Bij de huidige uitvoering zijn een tweetal vermogens beschikbaar, namelijk 55kVA en 120kVA. Het gehele pakket is compact opgeborgen in een 10Ft-container en op afstand online bedienbaar.

In collaboration with

STK started in the eighties as a company that performed maintenance on construction machines on a regional scale. We have since grown into an all-round specialist in tower cranes. We are a VCA Petrochemical certified total supplier that is active all over the world. We have ready technical knowledge of all leading brands of tower cranes and have been a Terex Comedil dealer for the Dutch market since 2003.